More kit bought..

March 31, 2009

So after my rant yesterday I feel it’s time to brush myself down and get with the learning.

After an interesting night I was just about able to get to work on time! One small coffee and a chat later I am ready to rock n roll!

Mainly my day consists of putting crop marks on and taking them back off again but today I managed to do some minor updates to the sites that I have been working on in the view that the more they are updated the more often google will come back and update it’s cache.

The website had a quick update to it’s news section and will be updated even more soon.

A brief chat with the brand guardian for major phone manufacturer about some big transcreation and typsetting work that is taking place soon put me in a good mood as I felt I came across well and sounded like I knew what I was talking about…. Course I do!

AND! I have bought final cut express and Logic Express for my new MacBook pro! With somuch new working coming up it’s probably best I get a handle on final cut and also I can now record and learn logic and get back up to speed with it!

Tonight I plan on finally installing cs3 properly and working on a new illustration for the site. April fools is the planned theme…. Any ideas?

Over n out!

The Stable London