…Another day another Dollar!

Been a bit of an up and down day today! was late getting in to the office due to security issues at one of the stations. Still it was good for me as i got a chance to wake up, read my new book which i will talk about a bit more later and also catch up on some grey’s anatomy (which i won’t talk about later)…

I have spent the past couple of days really trying to immerse myself in as much theory, design, tutorials, learning and general talking to other designers as possible!, websites like twitter, computerarts forum and other tutorial hotspots have been a gold mine for me to get inspiration and ideas as to how i should gear myself up for my quest of being a better designer….As yet i have not exactly been the most productive person and have created next to nothing for myself and anything that i have drawn/written/worked on/photographed i am not very happy with!..

…However my journey is not to be a short one it is to go back to basics and learn everything from a different angle. All of the books i have bought and read over the past year i am hoping will help me get a broader understanding of theory within design, design practices and software packages, also at the same time i have an on-going saga with web development and learning how to build correct and compliant websites. This is one of my biggest challenges to-date as i believe it will open the most doors for me. Building and understanding this technology will evolve and span from everything to designing myspace pages for local bands,  learning wordpress development as a CMS, E-commerce functionality, Re-skining it for clients to give a completely original yet very straight forward blog style site.

As mentioned yesterday the latest book i bought is about creative copywriting. This is never something that i have thought about learning but its more a bi-product of a couple of books that i have just finished reading called “how to be a designer and not lose your soul” which spoke about the importance of working with copywriters and how designers can use copy to thier advantage, I have always thought that typography based ad’s that have been well executed stand the test of time and a well developed ad can be clean, pure and straight to the point with no confusion of other visual elements detracting from it. With this said I have embarked upon a journey to understand the procedures and practices of creative copywriting and how i could use it to my advantage for future designs or as a different vehicle for a clients message.

With this said I have not completely halted any other learning, very much the opposite i have spent the most part of the day searching out new and interesting tutorials and also am about to start the basics of filming!, this is something that i am very excited about and hopefully will be another string to my bow. FINALLY after six months of doing pretty much nothing other than Repro Artworking and building presentations for pitches for new and excting potential clients I am finally going to be taught something new!

As for the software i bought i am still YET to use it!, but all is not lost come this summer i will take advantage of them all an hopefully record my girlfriends music once she finishes Uni.

What a long one this has been!



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