Monday Blues…

Another day, another $ as they say,

Still after a bit o a mixed bag of a weekend its nice to be back to work and thinking about whats coming up next! Unfortunatly i spent all of my friday night at work, getting home at about 10.30pm by which time i was absolutely shattered and caught up on a smidgin of Grey’s Anatomy.

Its a bit sad i know but hey! Only just getting i to Season 5 so have catching up to do!

Friday other than having to work late on a project that was dumped on my lap at 6.40pm was my first taste of filming on location for a new, rather long term project. The project is for a new hotel being built in the heart of london, it will be a bi-monthly outing that will consist of shooting still and HDV footage for a 30 second web video to be sent to the client. I am guessing that it will eventually be made in to a rather impressive show reel video. Perhaps by then i might have learn’t my way around a Z1 and Final Cut Pro!

The outing was really interesting and relished the opportunity to use a lovely Canon DSLR and a Sony Z1. Alot of the settings were set to auto just to get me used to the cameras but my main concern was figuring out the kind of shots that the guy i was assisting¬† was after, I observed the techniques he was using and the angles and flares he made for possible transitions later on in the editing stage. We captured about 40 mins of footage and about 3Gb of still images. approx 200. Returning to capture and log all of the data. Being from a print background it was really interesting to see how those guys organise and store their footage and source material. using Final cut for the first time i was a bit nervous as i was made very aware how difficult it is to put a sequence together from a bunch of random shots and make it interesting! I’ll be looking forwards to how this project grows!..

A couple of possible freelance jobs have popped up which i have sent off quotes for and am waiting to hear back from those. The Copywriting book is ticking along and proving to be very interesting! I am not sure if i will learn as much as i originally thought as its just such a massive part of advertising, i would never have thought that i would become a copywriter just from reading one book, but it is certainly giving me a massive insight in to the methods and procedures of a copywriter and with the forethought of possibly how my designs and future jobs might benefit from having a core understanding and appreciation for what exactly it is a copywriter does and doesn’t do.

Everytime I Die is this thursday supported by ghost of a thousand and the Gallows which i cannot wait for! then its off to brighton for a weekend by the sea. Thats it for the minute, this weeks plans are to continue working on the problemchildstudio website and do some work to the stable website.

Ta for now


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