Thoughts during a train journey…

With so much going on at my normal day job all private/self studying has stopped for the moment. I have been spending alot of my time doing the on going presentations for new business which is something that i have come to loath but also believe it is something that is setting me apart from the other members of my department as i seem to be the go-to-guy.

Hopefully this will be noticed in the long run as i have spent many late nights, public holidays and missed birthdays working on these documents. The Copywriting book that i have been reading is on going and both very interesting and full of useful quotes and ways of both dealing with clients, answering or working to a brief as a copywriter, I think that these skills are definitely useful and transferable within the design world and beyond. This week even though it is a short week has been really busy already! and its only wednesday! Still got a nice curry with a mate of mine to look forwards to and PAYDAY!!!. Talking to my boss this afternoon reminded me that i haven’t written anything in a while or put any thoughts out in to an open forum. We talked about my development within the company and how i saw myself as a person and where i could see myself being and doing other than straight up artworking. The mention of managing a team of people came up as a possibility, taking control of campaigns and managing the workflow across all publications and markets for that campaign. All i could really think about was how will this be a creative role!…I am sure that won’t be!..There might be more money in it but ideally my long term goal is to sidestep in to a more creative environment without losing that ll important wage packet! Hence why i am spending my time trying to learn new skills and educate and further my knowledge in different areas of advertising.

My main fear is that once and artworker always an artworker. so even though my efforts are small with time and effort i hope that i might get somewhere!…just who knows eventually what doing! Started some ideas for some designs earlier in the week, based on and idea i saw walking past a cake shop in covent garden on the way to work. It stems from tattoo designs and has a kind of Tank girl animation feel about it. Simple, clean but a bit messy and not all perfect at the same time. Some stable work is still to be continued but did a couple of little bits to that last week. The rest of the week holds ALOT more artworking for some new clients and setting up a workflow process for those new jobs which can always be interesting even though it might be mainly repro. More filming! tomorrow i am going back to the hotel in Knightsbridge to do a second installment of filming and stills to make a short web movie. Eventually as i have said before this will be something that i might take control of overtime, Hopefully my friend that is looking for work experience will get in on this with me and we can both benefit from it and make me look like i am contributing to the company at the same time!

Anyways train is nearly at my stop so i’ll bell ya next time.

Ta x


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