The stable Londons manifesto..

Since i have started to tell people about my rantings, thoughts, work, designs, interviews etc etc I thought that it was time i gave whoever reads this an idea of what it is that i am trying to achieve in the form of a manifest……(Which might change on a daily basis).

Basically I am using this as a way of Venting my frustrations with my job, and also as a way of documenting my journey of my career. I will talk about things that i want to talk about, whatever is on my mind at the time and they will be straight from the horses mouth. I will from time to time ask people questions, some may call this an interview others may call it being nosey, the questions i ask them are at the moment questions that I want to know the answers to, however this leads me on to my next point.

I want this to grow and it to be an open forum with a view of other contributing and requesting things that they would like me to include,ask or investigate within the design industry or about a design topic.

I will discuss books that i am reading about design, advertising, creative thinking or idea generation.

And from time to time i will talk about what i have been doing socially, but really its not that interesting so i won’t do very often, after all there is plenty of other blogs out there about that kind of stuff and also lots of fantastic tutorial sites which do it ALOT better than I could. What i want to do is just talk about me, My journey, share my frustrations, enjoyment, passion and Love for what I do and for where i want to be eventually and this is something that no one else can do, this is my journey and my goal.

I shall also try to write at least once a week. but this can fluctuate depending on work and how inspired or driven i am feeling at that particuar moment.

HERE GOES NOTHING…. And thank you for any amount of time you spend reading my thoughts. I really appreciate it! and thanks to everyone in advance that i talk with and share their time with me!


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