Monday after the wekend just gone!

I had a bit of a boozey weekend a couple of weekends back to be honest!And I Feel glad to be back at work and looking forwards to pay day even more so! I Have a few things which i need to take care of over the next few months, Holidays, Getting Finances in order and start thinking about moving out…Been saying that for a little while not!

Collectors and Collections

Recently I stopped by to see a couple of  friends that were exhibition their final year LCF fashion photography work. In the Centre of Londons Soho on Broadwick Street. The Exhibition housed about 20 students pieces, Just one print for each student, each photo had its own meaning but this was not explained at this particular exhibition. Rebecca Callaby was one of my friends exhibiting. Her piece was shown was part of a series encapsulating collectors. Frankie her subject in this pieces was a collector of the Pez sweet dispensers. She explained that her shots this one in particular had a more editorial style to it that could work for a broader market of press and publications. This piece was interesting as the model is wide eyed and has a look of boredom, like a child that is sat in on a rainy day with nothing to do. The shot has a lovely washed out contrast to it, like a vintage photo that has been in the sun light too long, yet the main points of interest are vibrant and punchy and in focus. I had a quick look through some of her other work and found it an interesting subject matter which had endless possibilities for possible shots. Don’t get me wrong i do not confess to know anything about photography but was facitinated by the variety of prints on display. Some of them were Heavily Fashion orientated and would have not looked out of place in the pages of a high end fashion magazine. But To be honest i found the most interesting pieces on show were the most blatent and not trying to be too arty. Vibrant, IN FOCUS! Is there a asion at the moment of taking pictures that are not in focus!, Cos if there is I have a Recycling bin full of them!

Like I said, I am no Pro photographer so I am just giving my two cents.

Cheers for now…


One Response to Monday after the wekend just gone!

  1. Fresh says:

    I like this one alot mate. The picture really reminds me of european arthouse style cinematography. Often the only content in that genre of film is the photography and can be well worth it. lsdifwei

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