micah p hinson hits brighton

June 3, 2010

I’m currently staying in a B&B with my lovely girlfriend who is really poorly with a sinus infection and a snot output that could equal an alien life form! With a hot tip off from Simon from Full time hobby, Tomo and I (minus Elissa) embarked on a few jars and discussed some of the finer things in life before heading to the Resident record store for an instore with Micah P Hinson…

Micah P Hinson

Having never heard about this chap until today I was interested to see what was going on. Walking past the store about 7.30ish it was empty, so we had a quick pint at the white rabbit pub just down the road. As we were sitting outside an unassuming guy wearing thick black rimmed glasses and sporting a “Hunter-S-Thompson-esque” cigarette holder in one hand and a black guitar case in the other, approached us. Simon introduced us to Micah who seemed genuinely pleased to meet us and proceeded to introduce his entourage including his wife; who is the model and muse of the cover art for his release “And the Pioneer Saboteurs”.

The venue was packed by the time we arrived, and this one-man-show was already underway. The music was simple, raw- but it seemed to be captivating the room in a way I have never encountered before- the entire store hanging onto every melody and every strum.

Micah P Hinson outside ResidentMicha’s music is a sonic collision of folk meets “johnny cash” and he has vocal moments of Willie Nelson and biblical references of a young tormented “Johnny Cash” all in all a very interesting vocal.

The songs spoke of Loss, Heartbreak, Religion and sometimes with a hint black comedy. With this he appears wise beyond his 28 years. At points he seemed to choose song lyrics ‘on the fly’, which i presume is because that particular lyric felt right to him at that particular moment.

Having just stepped of a flight from Gatwick I was amazed that this guy could perform so well, and with an endearing charm and flow, saying on a few occasions “This song is off my record but sounds nothing like what i am about to play“. Forty minutes seem to fly by and he ended with an elvis presley cover “only fools rush in”.

Afterwards he allowed me to quickly take a couple of pictures before he disappeared into London, to see a man about a dog.

I shall definately be checking out this guys stuff again. So should you.

You can check out Micah on http://www.myspace.com/micahphinson

Thank you.

Alan Harford. Woof.