Photography and Design

Its been ages since i last wrote on this blog. Not that i have been not doing anything but rather doing to many different things, resulting in neglecting other duties. Recently i have been spending my time working on various different projects during my day job…. The question is Where to start?

Well a few months ago i was asked to Photograph a friends wedding at a local registry office. As photogrpahy is a hobby of mine i was keen to do it (albeit with some encouragement from my better half). This resulted in putting in some serious time, money and effort into improving my photography and increasing my kit bag considerably! The last few months has cost me a Nikon D300s, Lastolite Umbrella and Stand, Spare batteries, 22Gb worth of memory cards. And. A intensive Day training course at Brightons Garage Studios teaching me about Flash photography.

With this new gea and NEED to learn and improve for this wedding i am photographing i have been concentrating on this for the last few months. Gigs, Promotional Shoots for friends bands and organising shoots and jobs for the future to try and increase my profile and also eventually get my camera to pay for itself as a tool rather than a hobby.

You can see some of my photography on my Flickr Page

The Kits is Awesome and am so glad i made this jump in to doing it more as a semi pro than as a hobby. Also with my creative mind working at hyper speed things in the illustration and design side have started to come a bit easier than they have seemed to in the past. Freelance work has started to pick up and I am now working on a project for Nicola jarvis, a Needlework artist and building a nice portfolio of illustrations that i have been asked to do at work…. Although they are private jobs for the bosses as favours things are starting to move forwards. from Logos to Get well soon cards to creating bunting and banners for the summer party.. little by little things are building for the better…

The one trouble i am having is getting the time to fit it all in my day,week or month and still go out and have a life!

There has been some cool things going on and some nice projects at work too I’m looking forwards to getting some more stuff on the go and showing it to the world!

Standby for action


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