DBNO Job #001

Max, Josh and Adam Pose for DBNO shoot wearing new Designs

Max, Josh and Adam Pose for DBNO shoot wearing new Designs

A little while ago i got a phone call from my girlfriends dad asking if i would be able to help out with some retouching for an urgent job they had to get done. Obviously i said yes, because it was for a friend but also because for me in my normal day ob retouching is about as exciting as it gets! the client was DownButnotout or DBNO for people in the Know (www.downbutnotoutproductions.com ), a new start up clothing company run by Josh Franceschi from you me at six, His good mate Adam and Josh’s Dad who also works incredibly hard on YM@6 Merch also.

Going along i got the brief which was to take existing shots of products and models and put the new designs on them. This was a cost saving exercise mainly but also because there was not enough time to organise models location and a shoot in time to get them over to Janleeks.com to get everything online in time for the launch of the new range of products. It was a great project to work on because i got the chance to really practice and use some techniques which i haven’t had much chance to use for a long time.

I started the project like i do with every job. Get the brief nailed down. I found out how many images i was being given, what designs were to go on what model, what colour the tee-shirts and hoods needed to be. Examples of colour ways. Checked the resolution of the images and flagged up with the client any issues so that they would know what to expect or to see if they could supply higher res images for some images for instance.

Josh and Elwood Pose together for DBNO original shoot

Josh and Elwood Pose together for DBNO original shoot

With that done I do also what i do with every new job/project which is to get my house in order, by that i mean, set up my workflow and organise my folders. Starting with making a supplied folder and expanding on to a Links folder containing my colour managed files, breaking down in to models or designs and then in to retouches (Cleaned t-shirts) and then to a “Comps” folder which had the cleaned images and the new designs blended on.

Going by what the client had supplied from the designers i used that as a scale of how big to put the images on the models and how to blend them in. Also having to feedback to the client what colours could be achieved with specific models.

Once an initial collection had been comped i fed that back to the client for amends and feedback, initially it was great, but they wanted a bigger range of models to spread the designs across, slight colour changes. With these amends done i resupplied and added some additional images with the new ranges on a polaroid effect as i though they might lend themselves nicely to the style and format of the website it was going on.

Elwood pose for DBNO whilst on Polaroid effect image

Elwood pose for DBNO whilst on Polaroid effect image

I knew this would be important to get right as it might (like any new job…lead to more work in the future) which it did, about a week or so later i was asked to do a quick shoot (Mentioned in my previous blog post..Here) for the Christmas range of DBNO merch…. That was a different story all together! Again a lot or retouching needed and cleaning up and removing unwanted objects such as doors, plants and working with everything against me! I think i have used up my shit talking for one night so that shall have to wait until another time. Still, Bottom line is… I got to work on some really cool stuff with some great people for a great little company and in the process picked up a couple of little jobs along the way. Its funny how you can be quiet on the private/freelance work front and then all of a sudden your stacked with work! lets hope it continues!

I’ve seen alot of people write cool blogs about photography and give great tutorials and interesting things to read and learn…..This ain’t one of them… just me talking about my life, my job, my progression to get to where i want to be careerwise. Fair?

Until next time…this is the Stable Blog…..And ive been typing to myself!!!



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