Its all for a good cause

Friday lunchtime I was doing my normal habitual twitter surfing when i noticed that my current favourite illustrator Aaron Miller and 9 others have worked to gether to help UNICEF’s Haiti Appeal over at The Renman Project… So for me this was not only a good way to get brownie points from ‘you-know-who’ but also get my hands on some awesome prints.

One thing that i liked was the playfulness of the images in the pack and that everyone was doing their part to help out. The printing was free, the illustrations are done off thier own backs. So for £5 +P&P it was in my big cartel basket before i even got my card out! Next day they were on my front door.

Twitter has been a massive inspiration giver and has put me intouch with other designers and tutorials that have been really useful. As a result Aaron miller is now a staple of my ‘whats going on in the world of up and coming freelancers’ what i mean by this is, there are some people that talk about it and there are some people just do it because they HAVE to, and i certainly aspire to be in the latter.

Things seem to still be moving in the right directions for me. this weekend was a busy one for my ‘freelance’ work. Logos for a new TV production company based in Barcelona, Continuing work on a clients website and redesigning the gallery section…However i think i might have to restart the build and set about it in a cleaner way…This i think is the trouble with starting a build before finishing the design stage! (Schoolboy error). I put the finishing touches to some wedding photos i took for a good friend of mine and passed them over to him.

I still have lots to do and i blame the internet and alcohol for distracting me more than i should have allowed but this week i plan on clearing the decks before i go away on my hols at the end of the month. I still am working on a Logo for a new company called “Joyous Arrangements” a flower arrangement company. The wrapping up of the artist Nicola Jarvis website by the end of the month. Continuing to Blog for my new contributorship for Paperchain Products, a new start-up company that deals in High end art and design cards featuring some of the most up and coming ranges and classic cards and gifts. more to come on them another time. Finally Handing over my Final Edits for my first Wedding that i was the Official photographer for. Nervous yet exciting stuff. When its all done I think that I shall put in writing how this went for me and how my First wedding photography gig went for me.

Wrapping up… Arsenal played a luke warm match against liverpool yesterday and ended on a 1-1 draw. Lets hope that the new season brings all the best for Arsenal FC!

Please standby


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