Nicola Jarvis, Foley Artist and DBNO…2011 will be even better!!

Due to my normal Day job (and forgetting passwords for blogs etc) I have been a bit quiet as of late, this is not to say that I have not been a busy bee!

I have been working as a Team Leader for a large project for Training material for a large courier company, overseeing that the arwork supplied by the creative agency, is prepared and sent for translation in to 18 languages, which is then returned to the project managers and fed back in to the studio for artworking, amends and further text control. This has meant that things have suffered, Blogs, the beloved Gym has seen very little of me the last few months but that is not to say that i have been all work and no play with regards to freelance work.

I have completed a website for a fantastic needlework artist called Nicola Jarvis ( The instructions from the client were very clear and this reflects in the simplicity of its design and build. The Gallery was to be minimal to begin with and over time either be expanded or kept to the original number of 3 items per section.

Nicola Jarvis Studio Home Page Screen Shot

The site went live Mid November and the client has given good feedback, i shall wait and see how the stats come through early 2011 after they have sent out the URL to interested parties and sections.

Other things include a photo shoot part TWO with friends and band Foley Artist where over these past two shoots i have seen the band grow an extra person and complete a couple of different shooting styles both indoor and outdoor. Some of these shots are on my flickr but i shall follow up with a more detailed post later. Photography since getting my new D300s has become my main interest and hobby, a camera now goes everywhere with me. 2010 has seen me shoot band promos, a wedding, a couple of engagement parties and also some shots for a clothing label run by YouMeAtSix’s very own Josh Franceschi DBNO (

Screen shot from Down but not out productions homepage

a couple of the photos I took and retouched used for there seasonal homepage

That project required a quick and nasty shoot in the founders front room, whilst england where playing france going on in the background on the telly. I have also done a bit of retouching for these guys putting new artworks and designs on exisiting model shots so that a new shoot was not needed. These will be added as a expanded post later also.

For the future of 2011 who knows, but i have some exciting jobs in the pipeline. A trip to Sweden for a website i am building for bar reviews, Lots of nice location photography will be done by me, a shoot for a new company that specialises in High end mobile recording and production, based in Surrey, two friends have set up together to offer an all in one package for any size at affordable budgets, these guys should hopefully smash 2011, and i want to be there at the start. The jobs still to be outlined but it is certainly on the cards to get them some Promo shots and get their profile up and running!

Lets see how the new year goes!, First up i need to make sure i get the work I have done online!


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