May 17, 2011

Been a little bit quiet recently on the blog, design and photography front.

I’ve had a massive drop in confidence due to not having done enough photography this year. As a result i have turned down to f the biggest jobs to date! a Massive wedding which would have been really cool to do and a job at the Natural History museum in London. Both of which i now know that i could have done but at the time i just felt that i was not competent enough to undertake the gigs! STUPID BOY!!!

Its tough because i have been battling with am i good enough or not for some time and i tend to think that its best to say know and admit defeat rather than say YES and give things ago! but i guess it just comes down to not wanting to let anyone down.

As a result of these events and opportunity’s being given away i have undertaken several self initiated projects at once all of which i was very excited about until this happened!

A broken right hand does not make The Stable Happy!

Its been a real struggle because i am right handed and can’t even hold a pencil so working has been a real struggle…Just as things were starting to look rosy!!

Still when my hand is fully working and i can hold my camera and hopefully do some work again soon I will be sure to upload it!

Till then Standby!