My name is Alan…..

after school i studied Media studies, photography, graphic design and Mulitmedia at college and then went on to study Design for Interactive Media in which i graduated from Reading Art college with a 2.1.

A week later i was employed as a junior designer and learnt alot by making MANY mistakes! after a year i moved on in to the big smoke and was taken on as an apprentice of sorts where i learnt about the wonderful world of Art working, versioning and Repro for print. I spent two years learning as much about the industry as possible and moved back in the digital side  after a while is i felt that it was an area of the company that was lacking and started producing flash banners for ad campaigns and supplying them across the country and pretty quickly across the world.

I moved companies late 2008 as i felt that i had taken as much as i could from the company and could not turn the opportunity down to work back in central London. Since then I haven’t looked back and have learnt more still but more about the actual business side of things and what is involved with starting up new companies and pitching for new jobs.

As there is a small amount of free time i have spent every second of it reading book about design theory, the design and advertising industry and way of producing ideas and following out tutorials to further increase both knowledge and skill set.

I’m currently working as an artworker/designer for the production agency in Covent Garden….And i’m feeling VERY disillusioned with it as a long term position for me as i want bigger and better things in a more creative and free thinking arena. Don’t get me wrong I am very happy with the company and really enjoy myself here, but before i sell my soul and crawl up that corporate ladder and managment trap i would like to be able to look back at my career and say ” yeah i did that, and that, oh and worked on that and drew that, met him”… So watch this space to see what changes and how the next few years pan out! Basically i am just using the stable as an outlet for me and my creative ideas and frustrated views.

Originally I wanted to write about my journey in learning and trying to become a better designer, but the more i read and the more i speak to people its less of a journey and more like a way of life and mentality. Years of drawing and practicing and sticking your neck out getting in to creative forums that you might not feel comfortable doing.


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