Interfit Isync strobies triggers

June 2, 2011


I have just bought from warehouse express Interfit Strobies i Sync Receiver
Interfit Strobies i Sync 4 Wireless and Optical Trigger/Receiver Set.

For my d300s powering my nikon sb800 and sb900.

Has anyone else used them before. I am going to give them a go this weekend and see how I get on with them. Ideally I would have liked the T2d’s but they are £200 for what I needed or the new pocket wizards which is more like £500 up till now the cls camera system on the D300s has been great because I can adjust the flashes on camera, but the infra red outside is just rubbish. It’s a nightmare unless right in line of sight.

I have no idea how the shots are going to be effected or enhanced with this new bit of kit but hopefully it won’t slow me down because things will have to be manually adjusted.

Let’s hope they are reliable on shoots and not too battery hungry otherwise they will be getting sent straight back!!

I guess review and feedback of shots to follow.


Out with the old crew tonight!

June 24, 2009

Yesterday i had my final probatory meeting yesterday whereby i was scored and marked to see if i had met the requirements of my contract. Good news is that i did meet them and hopefully i will be able to feed and clothe myself for another month!

I’m out with the guys from my old firm the hub plus, which will be the first time i have seen them since they moved buildings from paddington to marlybone. Most of them are in the TV department, but i saw they were all a good bunch of lads, far more interesting and friendly than alot of the other people within that firm! so i’ve got my little “Lash Cam” and will see what happens, even though i am not really drinking that much if any tonight!

With regards to personal work i have been too busy to continue with anything, due to doing normal work at home and also personal engaements, BUT!, I have been playing some guitar in a desperate attempt to brush up ready for a Jam me and a few friends will be doing soon!

Working on a few other things at work, Website updates, A Viral campaign for one of our in-house editing companies in an exciting effort to create a buzz and get people aware of the brand!

More on this later!

Work In Progress Inspired by Tank Girl

June 19, 2009

Been messing about on some down time and doing sketches of things, been really feeling the Tattoo vibe at the moment and a while backsaw a tattoo with the old dagger through it and wanted to do something similar, I normally use strokes in illustrator for outlines but this time i thought i’d try using the pathfinder tool and layer up the grads and colours to get a bit more of a non-uniform feel. I love the Tank girl style artwork.

Tank Girl Artwork

Tank Girl Artwork

Tank Girl is a fantastic british talent, responsible for Amazing artworks like the Gorillaz, Tank girl (Obv.), working with publications like the face.

Check him out well worth a ganders!

With this drawing i just spent a little bit of time playing around.Not really gona use it for anything just thought i’d put something up for the time being, and have a little bit of a chat.

Initial sketch

Initial sketch

Moving on from that sketch brought it in to Illustraotr and traced it out and added some nice like scratch marks and grads to give it that comic book feel.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Next i wanted to do some classic Tattoo style additions so i went ahead and drew a couple of roses. The tricky part for me was to remember that the key is in the detail but not to get too lost in it!

The petals are built up and layered upon each other meaning that grads and more detail can be added once the overall shape has been formed. Still need to work on the stems and water/blood drips and get some nice shading in the petals themselves. Again, you can see that i have simply used a stroke here, which gives it a really clean and uniform appearance. Not sure if i am going to change this or not yet but i need to have a play about when i get some more free time… Who knows i might even make it a tattoo for myself one day… This is nothing amazing i know!, but i am hoping that little by little i will learn and become better!..Ta

Another simple addition

Another simple addition

Post….Everything!…Draw Everything…..Sleep!

June 18, 2009

What a busy 10 days it’s been!

Since my last post i have been to see Brighton Uni’s end of year show, Seen my girlfriend silence a stag do mid-swing, been to Paris to see the sights and smells and got back in to the ryhtmn of work after having a nice week off! I’m on my laptop at the moment and haven’t gotten around to getting all the pictures i took on to this yet!. Something i will try and do this weekend!…Busy weekend ahead of Music, Drinking and some relaxing if i can get some time!

Every designer/creative should own this book

Every designer/creative should own this book

Last time also i posted I mentioned a book called “A technique for producing ideas“, alot smaller than i orginally had expected but by no means lacking in content. It covered the thinking behind the book is that it reiterates and drives home the process for how to generate ideas and think about a project whether it be design, business, music or a text the process is globally useable and based on 5 simple steps:

1) Gather materials – bother Mentally and physically. whether it is materials about the product, surrounding the product, Understand the product, how it works, what seperates it from others, what seperates its consumers from others, understand the market and also gather materials that you may use not only for the product, campaign or brief you are working on but for future products,campaigns and briefs build a book of tricks and scrap books that you can use for reference and inspiration or as a trigger for the future.

2) Explore and tear it apart in great detail what you have gathered – Look at these articles, notes or facts in as many different ways as you can think of. Look at other writings like Veblen’s theory of the leisure classes. Anything to break apart and explore what you have collected to see some relationship or way of fulfilling the brief…..In otherwords EAT, SLEEP and BREATHE it!

3) STEP AWAY FROM THE PROJECT – Sounds simple enough to do, but apparently this is the kind of ” now leave to simmer on a low heat” part to the recipe. Do anything that inspires you. Listen to music, read, go to the cinema, sleep on it even (linking to step four)

4) Ideas will come to you from out of nowhere – (apparently)…Providing you have done your part for the previous stages, ideas or idea shall come to you some way or how. in the shower, before you fall asleep, as you just wake up anything. And there you have your seedling idea.

5) To complete the process – Show the world your idea and put it in an open forum for discussion and exploration. your idea might be OK but with this stage it becomes polished, you are able to look at it in the cold light of day and with fresh eyes take comments from others and possibly improve and develop your idea further.

This is my interpretation of the book, and believe me it was not easy to read it on a beach in brighton or on a busy commuter train home but go and check it out. I will be looking forwards to trying this method out on a project that is not on a restricted timeline, as i think that the process might take me time to get to grips with and become second nature, to do without thinking about what it is that i am doing. Some people can produce nice aesthetically pleasing work, but it has no soul, no depth no concept. This is exactly why i am trying to gather my knowledge and my materials, both physically and mentally (WAYHAY!! i am already doing step 1 without realising it).

The next part of my journey to becoming a better designer or a creative thinker is to use my brain not just for thinkin about long processes but also to trin it to think of things without even thinking about them or what i am doing. Like doodling almost!. This is where another book I bought comes in to play called

For streching and inspiring your creative imagination

For streching and inspiring your creative imagination

Recharge your design batteries” written by Jon O’Reilly and Tony Linkson this book has “creative challenges to stetch you imagination“. Little things that take 5 minutes to do, anything from drawing a monster a day to collecting things of inspiration. This is something i have been thinking about doing before i saw this book and i believe that a great way to do this would be to play games like pictionary or Hangman. Something that makes you use your head without going to deep in to it! yet helps your develop key skills every designer in my opinion should have, which is to be able to quickly sketch out ideas that people can easily recognise and understand or visualise. Stickmen are not good enough!

A great way to develop quick thinking and drawing skills

A great way to develop quick thinking and drawing skills

More kit bought..

March 31, 2009

So after my rant yesterday I feel it’s time to brush myself down and get with the learning.

After an interesting night I was just about able to get to work on time! One small coffee and a chat later I am ready to rock n roll!

Mainly my day consists of putting crop marks on and taking them back off again but today I managed to do some minor updates to the sites that I have been working on in the view that the more they are updated the more often google will come back and update it’s cache.

The website had a quick update to it’s news section and will be updated even more soon.

A brief chat with the brand guardian for major phone manufacturer about some big transcreation and typsetting work that is taking place soon put me in a good mood as I felt I came across well and sounded like I knew what I was talking about…. Course I do!

AND! I have bought final cut express and Logic Express for my new MacBook pro! With somuch new working coming up it’s probably best I get a handle on final cut and also I can now record and learn logic and get back up to speed with it!

Tonight I plan on finally installing cs3 properly and working on a new illustration for the site. April fools is the planned theme…. Any ideas?

Over n out!

The Stable London

Slowly coming together for the stable..

February 13, 2009

Thanks to alot of help from my friend Jan at who spent his valuable time setting me up to free space on his shiny new virtual server.

Jans is one of the best web developers out there and a nice bloke with it. Anyways enough about that!!

As a result i have just uploaded a little holding page for the time-being so that it looks like at least something is there….

In the future there will be more stuff to in and hopefully i will get wordpress working and skinned within the site to along with some bigcartel stuff for sale in the future but for the time being i am just happy to have a place to put stuff!

where you will normally be able to find at

ta for now

the stable

The start of things to come

February 3, 2009

So today I bought

This will me the new address that I will host all
My work and c.v on. I am pretty much going to use this as a launch pad for the design work I do and as my calling card. Myself and a few friends will be working on some cool projects and some bussiness ideas over the coming months and years so watch this
sp ace