Lists, Lists and Collecting!

October 13, 2009

I’m Just starting to compile a list of Creative Agencies in London at the moment, with information about them, their clients, size and kind of agency/work they do. This may be a futile project but I think that its important to poke your head above ground from time to time and see what the rest of the world is doing! This list will be LARGE! I’ll let you know when its been finished and publish the shit out of it!

Along with this I think that by immersing yourself in all of this creative research that you might be inspired by a companies style, direction of overall vibe. So watch out for that, A lot of them you might have heard of before but if in this list there is one that you have not heard of, then I have done what i set out to do!

Other than that, I hat been looking in to getting a new DSLR body, either a Nikon D80 or Nikon D90, a new wide angle lens and also a new RAID for my future work and Backing up of old work i have done. With that i will need to sort out all the files that i have just got dumped over 1.5 TB of disk space.

With Photography being a large portion of my thoughts at the moment (even though I am not taking hardly any photos at the moment) I have managed to reserve a place on a Photography course at Brighton’s awesome Garage Studios. Its a day course that will take me through the basics of using my camera and move on to more advanced techniques with a view of enabling me to take more creative shots and hopefully take better portraits and landscapes. Following that, I have reserved a place on a Flash course in January, again at the mighty Garage Studios.

I can’t wait!, Party because this is where one of my favourite Photographers DarkDaze teaches sometimes. Check his stuff out! Its so vibrant, and different, Recently he and some other fashion designers and Photographers from Brighton have setup their own fashion magazine called Gangup.

One of the hottest Photos

One of the hottest Photos i think

AND…I have now officially become a collector or photography, purchasing my first two prints by DarkDaze. Also I have a limited screenprint of the awesome illustration from Jordan Buckley.


see you next time


Work In Progress Inspired by Tank Girl

June 19, 2009

Been messing about on some down time and doing sketches of things, been really feeling the Tattoo vibe at the moment and a while backsaw a tattoo with the old dagger through it and wanted to do something similar, I normally use strokes in illustrator for outlines but this time i thought i’d try using the pathfinder tool and layer up the grads and colours to get a bit more of a non-uniform feel. I love the Tank girl style artwork.

Tank Girl Artwork

Tank Girl Artwork

Tank Girl is a fantastic british talent, responsible for Amazing artworks like the Gorillaz, Tank girl (Obv.), working with publications like the face.

Check him out well worth a ganders!

With this drawing i just spent a little bit of time playing around.Not really gona use it for anything just thought i’d put something up for the time being, and have a little bit of a chat.

Initial sketch

Initial sketch

Moving on from that sketch brought it in to Illustraotr and traced it out and added some nice like scratch marks and grads to give it that comic book feel.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Next i wanted to do some classic Tattoo style additions so i went ahead and drew a couple of roses. The tricky part for me was to remember that the key is in the detail but not to get too lost in it!

The petals are built up and layered upon each other meaning that grads and more detail can be added once the overall shape has been formed. Still need to work on the stems and water/blood drips and get some nice shading in the petals themselves. Again, you can see that i have simply used a stroke here, which gives it a really clean and uniform appearance. Not sure if i am going to change this or not yet but i need to have a play about when i get some more free time… Who knows i might even make it a tattoo for myself one day… This is nothing amazing i know!, but i am hoping that little by little i will learn and become better!..Ta

Another simple addition

Another simple addition