Out with the old crew tonight!

June 24, 2009

Yesterday i had my final probatory meeting yesterday whereby i was scored and marked to see if i had met the requirements of my contract. Good news is that i did meet them and hopefully i will be able to feed and clothe myself for another month!

I’m out with the guys from my old firm the hub plus, which will be the first time i have seen them since they moved buildings from paddington to marlybone. Most of them are in the TV department, but i saw they were all a good bunch of lads, far more interesting and friendly than alot of the other people within that firm! so i’ve got my little “Lash Cam” and will see what happens, even though i am not really drinking that much if any tonight!

With regards to personal work i have been too busy to continue with anything, due to doing normal work at home and also personal engaements, BUT!, I have been playing some guitar in a desperate attempt to brush up ready for a Jam me and a few friends will be doing soon!

Working on a few other things at work, Website updates, A Viral campaign for one of our in-house editing companies in an exciting effort to create a buzz and get people aware of the brand!

More on this later!


Times are a changing

May 14, 2009

Feeling really rough today!, not sure if its a result of not sleeping properly as i am still reeling from my birthday celebrations or just because i have caught something! Had to cancel drinks with a friend I used to work with tonight which i am gutted about! No doubt i would have been shit company if i had gone!

Looks like i will get my first taste of filming tomorrow which i am excited about! The subject is a new hotel that is being built in knightsbridge an will be doing a monthly progress film, inwhich i will learn how to edit using final cut too….Hopefully i will be feeling a smidge better tomorrow!

Still no freelance work on the cards yet, There is not immediate rush i guess, i am more interested in developing my skill set and getting a better grasp on what it is i SHOULD be dong and HOW i should be doing it. I see to many other designers out there that call themselves designers just because they have done a few t-shirts and its a joke! when i eventually feel that i am ready to start putting myself about i want to make 100% sure i am ready and able and come across like i know what the hell i am talking about! I have already learnt my lesson by doing private work and not knowing things like how much to charge, how to demand payment or stop working and it cost me greatly!, nearly a year working on a project doing countless designs all of which were shit because i was not sold on the idea and comfortable with the relationship i had with the client.  I think thats a story for another time when i feel i have actually moved on from that point and producing a  better standard of work than i was then. Already from my readings and time spent doing tutorials and little bit and peices i have come on but not enough yet.

Nearly the weekend and have lots planned to keep me busy whilst other people are busy studying for their final exams this weekend. Working in central London is proving to be a great place to work location wise but i am putting on weight quicker than i can believe! so i think cycling, photography and some relaxation is in order, perhaps more reading and tutorials and possibly even go out for an evening!

Anything else pops in to my head i’ll let you know