Lists, Lists and Collecting!

October 13, 2009

I’m Just starting to compile a list of Creative Agencies in London at the moment, with information about them, their clients, size and kind of agency/work they do. This may be a futile project but I think that its important to poke your head above ground from time to time and see what the rest of the world is doing! This list will be LARGE! I’ll let you know when its been finished and publish the shit out of it!

Along with this I think that by immersing yourself in all of this creative research that you might be inspired by a companies style, direction of overall vibe. So watch out for that, A lot of them you might have heard of before but if in this list there is one that you have not heard of, then I have done what i set out to do!

Other than that, I hat been looking in to getting a new DSLR body, either a Nikon D80 or Nikon D90, a new wide angle lens and also a new RAID for my future work and Backing up of old work i have done. With that i will need to sort out all the files that i have just got dumped over 1.5 TB of disk space.

With Photography being a large portion of my thoughts at the moment (even though I am not taking hardly any photos at the moment) I have managed to reserve a place on a Photography course at Brighton’s awesome Garage Studios. Its a day course that will take me through the basics of using my camera and move on to more advanced techniques with a view of enabling me to take more creative shots and hopefully take better portraits and landscapes. Following that, I have reserved a place on a Flash course in January, again at the mighty Garage Studios.

I can’t wait!, Party because this is where one of my favourite Photographers DarkDaze teaches sometimes. Check his stuff out! Its so vibrant, and different, Recently he and some other fashion designers and Photographers from Brighton have setup their own fashion magazine called Gangup.

One of the hottest Photos

One of the hottest Photos i think

AND…I have now officially become a collector or photography, purchasing my first two prints by DarkDaze. Also I have a limited screenprint of the awesome illustration from Jordan Buckley.


see you next time


Post….Everything!…Draw Everything…..Sleep!

June 18, 2009

What a busy 10 days it’s been!

Since my last post i have been to see Brighton Uni’s end of year show, Seen my girlfriend silence a stag do mid-swing, been to Paris to see the sights and smells and got back in to the ryhtmn of work after having a nice week off! I’m on my laptop at the moment and haven’t gotten around to getting all the pictures i took on to this yet!. Something i will try and do this weekend!…Busy weekend ahead of Music, Drinking and some relaxing if i can get some time!

Every designer/creative should own this book

Every designer/creative should own this book

Last time also i posted I mentioned a book called “A technique for producing ideas“, alot smaller than i orginally had expected but by no means lacking in content. It covered the thinking behind the book is that it reiterates and drives home the process for how to generate ideas and think about a project whether it be design, business, music or a text the process is globally useable and based on 5 simple steps:

1) Gather materials – bother Mentally and physically. whether it is materials about the product, surrounding the product, Understand the product, how it works, what seperates it from others, what seperates its consumers from others, understand the market and also gather materials that you may use not only for the product, campaign or brief you are working on but for future products,campaigns and briefs build a book of tricks and scrap books that you can use for reference and inspiration or as a trigger for the future.

2) Explore and tear it apart in great detail what you have gathered – Look at these articles, notes or facts in as many different ways as you can think of. Look at other writings like Veblen’s theory of the leisure classes. Anything to break apart and explore what you have collected to see some relationship or way of fulfilling the brief…..In otherwords EAT, SLEEP and BREATHE it!

3) STEP AWAY FROM THE PROJECT – Sounds simple enough to do, but apparently this is the kind of ” now leave to simmer on a low heat” part to the recipe. Do anything that inspires you. Listen to music, read, go to the cinema, sleep on it even (linking to step four)

4) Ideas will come to you from out of nowhere – (apparently)…Providing you have done your part for the previous stages, ideas or idea shall come to you some way or how. in the shower, before you fall asleep, as you just wake up anything. And there you have your seedling idea.

5) To complete the process – Show the world your idea and put it in an open forum for discussion and exploration. your idea might be OK but with this stage it becomes polished, you are able to look at it in the cold light of day and with fresh eyes take comments from others and possibly improve and develop your idea further.

This is my interpretation of the book, and believe me it was not easy to read it on a beach in brighton or on a busy commuter train home but go and check it out. I will be looking forwards to trying this method out on a project that is not on a restricted timeline, as i think that the process might take me time to get to grips with and become second nature, to do without thinking about what it is that i am doing. Some people can produce nice aesthetically pleasing work, but it has no soul, no depth no concept. This is exactly why i am trying to gather my knowledge and my materials, both physically and mentally (WAYHAY!! i am already doing step 1 without realising it).

The next part of my journey to becoming a better designer or a creative thinker is to use my brain not just for thinkin about long processes but also to trin it to think of things without even thinking about them or what i am doing. Like doodling almost!. This is where another book I bought comes in to play called

For streching and inspiring your creative imagination

For streching and inspiring your creative imagination

Recharge your design batteries” written by Jon O’Reilly and Tony Linkson this book has “creative challenges to stetch you imagination“. Little things that take 5 minutes to do, anything from drawing a monster a day to collecting things of inspiration. This is something i have been thinking about doing before i saw this book and i believe that a great way to do this would be to play games like pictionary or Hangman. Something that makes you use your head without going to deep in to it! yet helps your develop key skills every designer in my opinion should have, which is to be able to quickly sketch out ideas that people can easily recognise and understand or visualise. Stickmen are not good enough!

A great way to develop quick thinking and drawing skills

A great way to develop quick thinking and drawing skills

Times are a changing

May 14, 2009

Feeling really rough today!, not sure if its a result of not sleeping properly as i am still reeling from my birthday celebrations or just because i have caught something! Had to cancel drinks with a friend I used to work with tonight which i am gutted about! No doubt i would have been shit company if i had gone!

Looks like i will get my first taste of filming tomorrow which i am excited about! The subject is a new hotel that is being built in knightsbridge an will be doing a monthly progress film, inwhich i will learn how to edit using final cut too….Hopefully i will be feeling a smidge better tomorrow!

Still no freelance work on the cards yet, There is not immediate rush i guess, i am more interested in developing my skill set and getting a better grasp on what it is i SHOULD be dong and HOW i should be doing it. I see to many other designers out there that call themselves designers just because they have done a few t-shirts and its a joke! when i eventually feel that i am ready to start putting myself about i want to make 100% sure i am ready and able and come across like i know what the hell i am talking about! I have already learnt my lesson by doing private work and not knowing things like how much to charge, how to demand payment or stop working and it cost me greatly!, nearly a year working on a project doing countless designs all of which were shit because i was not sold on the idea and comfortable with the relationship i had with the client.  I think thats a story for another time when i feel i have actually moved on from that point and producing a  better standard of work than i was then. Already from my readings and time spent doing tutorials and little bit and peices i have come on but not enough yet.

Nearly the weekend and have lots planned to keep me busy whilst other people are busy studying for their final exams this weekend. Working in central London is proving to be a great place to work location wise but i am putting on weight quicker than i can believe! so i think cycling, photography and some relaxation is in order, perhaps more reading and tutorials and possibly even go out for an evening!

Anything else pops in to my head i’ll let you know

Getting the Ball Rolling

April 30, 2009

Over the past 10 or some days, i have read some very interesting book, spoken to some very interesting designers and developers and got some great ideas to take the stable forwards.

Coming soon will be an interview with some great new British talent on the bloc, the opening party for the RareKind London gallery and The Reset, London’s urban wear showcase and dead stock market. There will be top class designers peddling there wares and fighting to show that all is not lost during these tough economic times!

Comanche Cipher have a tour starting this week and their Sunday show will be at the Boiler room in Guildford, home of the best Chinese outside of the china chef in Addlestone! so beers, mates and Rock’n’Roll are on the cards!

With regards to the stable london site, this is a labour of love and things will move and progress as and when i can get some inspiration and some free time!.