To d90 or d300s that is the question

March 31, 2010

with summer fast approaching and time for what seems like all of my friends to get married, I have been asked to shoot a wedding. THis is not really that much of an issue as I am sure it will be a lit of fun and te photos will come out just fine. but I don’t think that my little Nikon D40 is up to the job. sure it’s a great little camera and will serve me well as a day to day but I think it’s time to upgrade.

the problem is what to get. the D90 seems to be a great choice and on paper is very similar to the d300s but I have this nagging problem thy whilst I am upgrading I should buy the best I can afford and that way I will not wish that I had spent the extra. the only trouble is it comes at a time when I have other commitments that should really take priority.

the d300s looks like a strong choice as it’s robust, fast, quick and can work in a studio environment aswell as out and about. something which I think the d90 is not able to do. tethering and wireless remote for flash units, a better autofocus motor and better user ergonomics. I have spoken to alot of people and read alot of forums and reviews and the d300s seems to be the better choice. I thinks it’s going to be a case of stumping up the cash.

also I am thinking of going all out and getting a sb-900 flashgun at the same time. I have been wanting to get in the flash photography for ages and at least this way I can now go on the the flash course held at Brighton garage studio.

anyway I’ll post back when I get it. whatever that maybe…