Another Book to Push me further

May 12, 2009
Just bought this book from Magma books LDN

Just bought this book from Magma books LDN

So I’ve just bought this book from Magma books in London, I have been reading a tonne of books from magma and found all of them very interesting…..I’ll let you know


Getting the Ball Rolling

April 30, 2009

Over the past 10 or some days, i have read some very interesting book, spoken to some very interesting designers and developers and got some great ideas to take the stable forwards.

Coming soon will be an interview with some great new British talent on the bloc, the opening party for the RareKind London gallery and The Reset, London’s urban wear showcase and dead stock market. There will be top class designers peddling there wares and fighting to show that all is not lost during these tough economic times!

Comanche Cipher have a tour starting this week and their Sunday show will be at the Boiler room in Guildford, home of the best Chinese outside of the china chef in Addlestone! so beers, mates and Rock’n’Roll are on the cards!

With regards to the stable london site, this is a labour of love and things will move and progress as and when i can get some inspiration and some free time!.

Slowly coming together for the stable..

February 13, 2009

Thanks to alot of help from my friend Jan at who spent his valuable time setting me up to free space on his shiny new virtual server.

Jans is one of the best web developers out there and a nice bloke with it. Anyways enough about that!!

As a result i have just uploaded a little holding page for the time-being so that it looks like at least something is there….

In the future there will be more stuff to in and hopefully i will get wordpress working and skinned within the site to along with some bigcartel stuff for sale in the future but for the time being i am just happy to have a place to put stuff!

where you will normally be able to find at

ta for now

the stable

The start of things to come

February 3, 2009

So today I bought

This will me the new address that I will host all
My work and c.v on. I am pretty much going to use this as a launch pad for the design work I do and as my calling card. Myself and a few friends will be working on some cool projects and some bussiness ideas over the coming months and years so watch this
sp ace