Interfit Isync strobies triggers

June 2, 2011


I have just bought from warehouse express Interfit Strobies i Sync Receiver
Interfit Strobies i Sync 4 Wireless and Optical Trigger/Receiver Set.

For my d300s powering my nikon sb800 and sb900.

Has anyone else used them before. I am going to give them a go this weekend and see how I get on with them. Ideally I would have liked the T2d’s but they are £200 for what I needed or the new pocket wizards which is more like £500 up till now the cls camera system on the D300s has been great because I can adjust the flashes on camera, but the infra red outside is just rubbish. It’s a nightmare unless right in line of sight.

I have no idea how the shots are going to be effected or enhanced with this new bit of kit but hopefully it won’t slow me down because things will have to be manually adjusted.

Let’s hope they are reliable on shoots and not too battery hungry otherwise they will be getting sent straight back!!

I guess review and feedback of shots to follow.